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a walk through capeside – wilmington, north carolina

January 6, 2006

Our first night we were too tired to do much, so we stayed in and ordered pizza. But we woke up the next morning ready to go. Kathleen made us a delicious breakfast quiche. It was superb. We chowed and got ready pretty quickly and headed out. I had mapped out a pretty sweet itinerary so we would hit all the good spots, and I’d organized it by where they were in town. We spent the entire morning walking around Wilmington hunting down Dawson’s Creek filming locations. In the photos above, I am at Thalian Hall, which is a performing arts center and was used as The Rialto on the show – the movie theater that the teens always went to, and the site of Dawson and Joey’s first date.

The downtown riverfront was supremely gorgeous. It’s a beautiful place and now that I know, I’d go there even if Creek hadn’t been filmed there. I bet it’s a great place to live. The riverfront is lovely, and it is also the site of Pacey and Andie’s first kiss after the dance in episode 206, which Alex was especially excited about. I forgot to mention that The WB show One Tree Hill is currently filmed in Wilmington, and I watch that show too, so I was on the lookout for OTH locations as well, and they film A LOT of scenes on the riverfront. It was funny how all the locals kept telling us how cold it was outside, but we thought it was really warm – trust me, January in North Carolina is like the tropics compared to January in Maine.

We were ushered in out of the “cold” – into the Water Street Restaurant, better known to DC-ers as Dawson’s family’s restaurant, Leery’s Fresh Fish. Alex and I were atwitter at being inside ‘Leery’s Fresh Fish’. And the food was good too. All in all, it was a lovely morning and a lovely lunch.

Following lunch, we continued our walk and we stumbled across THE WALL. Of course, it only really means something to us. It is the wall that Pacey bought for Joey to paint on after her school mural was defaced, which he later painted “ASK ME TO STAY” on, which in turn caused Joey to chase him down to the dock, tell him she loved him, and hop on his boat with him. They sailed away in True Love (the boat … and the emotion) for three months. I’m pretty sure everyone in town thought we were nuts for taking pictures of a wall.

We managed to get in some shopping while sight-seeing. We went to CD Alley, which Dawson and Gretchen frequented on DC and which is where Tyler Hilton’s character Chris Keller worked on OTH. We also went to Island Passage Elixir, where Dawson’s Creek characters shopped, and we each bought a ring. They’re sparkly and fun.

We got dinner that night at the Reel Cafe. Supposedly it was a hangout for the Creek kids and currently for the One Tree Hill kids. Anyway, it’s a cool little place and it has a club upstairs and an outside deck. It had a cool vibe – like the Hard Rock Cafe, but with movies and TV shows. I enjoyed myself.
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