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screen gems – wilmington, north carolina

January 7, 2006

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast. It was Belgian waffles and apple dumplings. FREAKING DELICIOUS. I wish Kathleen cooked my breakfast every morning. Anyway, we took a cab to EUE/Screen Gems Studios, where Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, and many a movie have been filmed. On weekends they give tours, so we got there early and bought our tickets and waited in anticipation.

The tour was awesome. We walked through sets of both shows. We saw the interiors of Capeside High and Tree Hill High, and went into one of the classrooms. I made sure to sit down in Brooke Davis’ seat because she’s my favorite One Tree Hill character. I really don’t think I could get any nerdier. I even answered a trivia question that one of the tour guides asked, and she said I was the only person who’d ever gotten it right. Go me. We also got to go into the Scott family kitchen, into Joey Potter & Audrey Liddel’s dorm room, to Mitch Leery’s headstone and into DAWSON’S BEDROOM. At that point my life was pretty much complete. Alex and I went into Dawson’s closet and recited some lines from Jaws. We sat on Dawson’s bed. We climbed through his bedroom window – and if you ever watched the show, you know how monumental that is. All in all, it was such a crazy, cool experience.

From the studio we took a cab to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, which was used for some exteriors of Capeside High School. Being on that campus felt really nice. I thought, hey – I could go to grad school here and live in Wilmington. I’m seriously considering it. They have an education program and a creative writing program. There’s certainly promise there.

We walked around, took some photos, enjoyed our time on the campus. We walked down the strip to the BK Lounge and got some lunch, then took a cab back to the Dragonfly Inn.

We rested up a little in the room, then went back downtown later on. We did a little shopping and walked around a little bit. I came across Karen’s Cafe from One Tree Hill and then we got dinner at Hell’s Kitchen, which was where Joey worked during season six of Creek and where Haley’s sister Taylor worked (although they called it The Swinging Donkey) on One Tree Hill. It was a cool atmosphere, and if I lived there I’d go there a lot.

While traipsing around a bit longer, we came back by N Salo, which was Screen Play video on Dawson’s Creek. I had to stop for a photo op before we headed back to the b&b to retire for the night.
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