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My Dunder Mifflin

November 28, 2007

My life is proof that you don’t always have to travel to “live the movies”… sometimes a movie or TV-themed staycation can be just as fun. Take, for instance, the “Office”-themed party my friends and I had over our Thanksgiving break.

My friends and I as our "Office" alter egos.

I tend to go a little overboard on things like this, especially theme parties (ask any of my friends and they’ll agree). But I believe the key to throwing a great theme party is being really intense and forcing your guests to obey you. Luckily my friends are really great about that sort of thing.

To begin with, I designed my invitations in the style of a Dunder Mifflin memo. I paperclipped a nametag to each My handy-dandy memos with nametags.“memo” with a character’s name on it, so each of my friends knew who to come dressed as. (Not that it would’ve been too hard to guess — my friends are oddly well-cast as the “Office”-ers.) I instructed them all to wear said nametags to the party. Next, I created Dunder Mifflin badges for everyone. This is simple. I just copied and pasted the Dunder Mifflin logo from the “Office” website, pasted two columns’ worth into Microsoft Word, and then printed them on cardstock. From there I punched two adjacent holes at the top with a hole punch, and added a badge clip to each one. And voila! My super-amazing Dunder Mifflin badges.I had one waiting for each of my guests when they arrived. (I’m fully aware that I’m a giant nerd.) I didn’t stop there — I made a cake with “Dunder Mifflin” scrawled on it, and even slipped some keys into a jello mold as a gag. I put “Office” DVDs on in the background, and my friends and I traded off filming each other in silly “Office”-inspired scenes. At the end of the night, I pieced together a funny little “Office” episode, starring me and my friends. Pretty decent, if I do say so myself. We took a few liberties with plot points, but oh well. That’s why they don’t pay us the big bucks.


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