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once a wildcat, always a wildcat – salt lake city, utah

May 21, 2009

You may think that being a 24-year-old who loves High School Musical is nothing to brag about. I agree with you. But at least I’ll admit it.

So you can imagine my joy at visiting the real East High School from the musical trilogy while passing through Salt Lake City, UT on a cross-country road trip. Craig and I were obviously going to creep by the school no matter what, but we really wanted to go inside, specifically into the cafeteria or the auditorium, where major scenes take place. I did some snooping online and found out that there was an art show at noon during our full day in SLC. Stoked! The plan was to “check out the art show” but really to get a peek at the cafeteria that housed some of HSM’s biggest musical numbers, like “Stick to the Status Quo”, “What Time Is It?”, and “I Want It All”.

The next day we decided to check out Hogle Zoo in the morning.

At the Hogle Zoo entrance.

At the Hogle Zoo entrance.

It was a cute little zoo, and after we tired of looking at animals (including two bears that kept fighting and an exceptionally flatulent camel) we got some food at the Beastro (I love puns!) and I called East High to see what the deal was about the art show. The woman in the main office told me it was open to the public and that we could just walk in go straight to the cafeteria to check it out. We were stoked – it was a perfect set-up for us.

We took a cab to East High and it looked exactly like it does in the movies. Not gonna lie, we got a few butterflies as we approached it. It even had a banner that said “East High: Where Amazing Happens.” True story.

The real East High School!

The real East High School!

As planned, we walked right into the building and were directed to the cafeteria. In a stroke of luck, we arrived right at the end of the lunch period so not only did we blend in with all the students walking around, but once they cleared we had the cafeteria almost all to ourselves. It was kind of surreal being in there, and especially seeing it used as an actual cafeteria. (It’s still got that HSM magic, though.) Have you ever seen or heard about something so much that it’s emblazoned in your brain, as if it’s your own memory? That’s kind of how I felt in the cafeteria.

After we’d poked around enough, we went back out front and snapped a few more pictures of us in front of EHS as well as a few more scenic shots.

Me at my happy place, East High... gonna meet Zac on the roof later. You know.

Me at my happy place, East High... gonna meet Zac on the roof later. You know.


East High Wildcats!

East High Wildcats!


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