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mystic pizza – mystic, ct

November 13, 2009

My friend Alex and I went to Hartford, CT for a concert. A concert by a really cool indie band that’s so cool you haven’t even heard of them yet.

Just kidding, it was a Miley Cyrus concert. Respect.

Alex & I at a Miley Cyrus concert.


HBIC Miley Cyrus in concert.


Anywho, while in Connecticut we stayed at a cozy little bed and breakfast in Old Saybrook, in the area that inspired Amy Sherman-Palladino’s amazing town of Stars Hollow from “Gilmore Girls.”

Our Old Saybrook B&B.

Yeah, I’m a nerd like that. I even have a Stars Hollow sweatshirt. (I know you’re jealous of that.) We were about equidistant from Hartford, where the concert was, and Mystic, Stonington, Essex, etc — all the cute seaside towns I wanted to check out. Might as well make a weekend of it, right? It became quite clear once we arrived that we were the only pair who’d ever stayed in our room that wasn’t on a honeymoon or romantic getaway. Awkwaaard. Well it wouldn’t have really been awkward, actually, had it not been for the fact that the shower/bathtub was right in the middle of the room. Not in the bathroom, or anything. No divider, no privacy other than the shower curtain. It was… interesting. We became pros at averting our eyes. I mean, this would only happen to us. All in all the B&B was very cute and cozy. Just not really made for pals who lust after Zac Efron (me) and Clay Aiken (Alex) and not each other. I’m just warning you. Although, if you need a good laugh you should read the guest book next to your bed. Some of the entries are hilarious. One of the ones I read was just, “my husband and I went for a drive and then had some good sex.” Really? Thanks for sharing. I hope they wash the sheets. Especially because the original writer misspelled half of the words and I really don’t want his or her essence anywhere near me. MOVING ON… we got to visit some of the cute little towns nearby that are very picturesque. The real Stars Hollow is on a Warner Brothers backlot but you can definitely see how this area inspired Ms. Sherman-Palladino to create Stars Hollow. (I really wish I lived in Stars Hollow. You don’t even know. Luke would have a restraining order against me by now.) Since it was fall, the leaves were changing colors and everything looked so pretty and New England-y and charming. All perfect little houses and cute inns and local stores and restaurants. I’d highly recommend spending a weekend there in October or November.

Aside from just taking in the natural loveliness, I wanted to swing by Mystic Pizza, the pizza joint that inspired the 1988 classic coming-of-age story starring a then barely known Julia Roberts. I knew that the real place was still standing – and really is famous for their amazing pizza – so, being the movie junkie that I am, it seemed like a logical stop to make on the trip. The day after venturing to the Mohegan Sun casino so Alex could get some Krispy Kreme and seeing Miley in concert (seriously – great show, I don’t care that I’m 24) we checked out of our B&B (sayonara, shower spectacle!) and headed to Mystic to experience a famous “slice of heaven.” Besides my natural zest for pizza (I mean really, it’s pretty hard to screw up pizza) I was excited to be in a pizza place where, not only was there a movie filmed, but they were falling all over themselves to prove that there was a movie filmed there. The walls were covered with movie memorabilia, and the film “Mystic Pizza” was playing on a loop on TV screens all over the dining room. There were newspaper clippings, signed photos, memorabilia, etc. all over the walls. I was like in movie tourist heaven. Here was one filming location where I did not feel like an ass for taking pictures and buying souvenirs — it’s specifically set up for you to do those things. Tourist shame be damned, put yourself out there! I myself got away with a full stomach, some dorky snapshots, and a bag full of souvenirs. Their takeout area has bumper stickers, magnets, buttons, keychains, pizza cutters, bottle openers, shot glasses, t-shirts, aprons; you name it, they’ve probably thought of it and slapped their name and slogan on it. They even have one of those souvenir penny machines that you can throw away 51 cents on. Touristy? Yes. Delightful? Also yes. A must-visit if you’re a movie buff, pizza fun, and in Connecticut.

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